Online TRE® daylong intro-class

Event Details

Join in from the comfort of your own home! Learn and explore the benefits of the neurogenic tremors in a group setting online.

Workshop is taught in English.
Limited to 8 participants.

Time zone CEST/GMT+2 : 12 pm – 6 pm (incl. 1 h break)

Welcome to a 1-day online TRE® Exploration Workshop at! The workshop is intended to support the understanding of how to use TRE® in a safe a sufficient way, as well as bringing a deepening of an already existing practise.

The day is divided into two 2,5-hour sequences (small breaks included), divided by a one-hour break in the middle of the day.

You will be safely guided through the TRE® process, moving through the exercises as well as the tremoring response with a focus on embodiment and self-regulation, supporting the awareness of enhancing your body’s natural healing intelligence.

Through this workshop you will get the understanding of how the tremors are the central nervous system’s innate way of discharging excessive tension, through the rapid muscle contraction and relaxation to calm the body down from an over-excited adrenal state, as well as how it will support you to release daily stress and support building up your resilience. It is recommended that you have some experience of TRE® – the neurogenic tremors prior to attending. However you are welcome to join in even as a newbie to TRE®. You can follow the official TRE® guide here;

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About Deva Laya Guleng

Deva Laya is an international TRE® Certificaion Trainer since 2011. Deva Laya is today working both as supervisor and Mentor for TRE® Provider Trainees and TRE® Certification Trainer trainees as well as giving own trainings and individual sessions. She is highly engaged i the international organisation, both with developing structured support-documents as well as supporting starting TRE® in new countries.