Online TRE® INTRO Group session May 16th

Event Details

Welcome to this Online TRE® class, a time for yourself to learn how to do your  TRE® practise in a safe space. From wherever you are you can join at the comfort of your own home. A lovely way to be in the group space shaking together.

Date: May 16th
Time: 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm (CEST)

Please be aware that time for technical issues entering the session is included in the scheduled time.

Included in this TRE® online session @, you are offered to attend a post-session chat (in a private group chat forum) the following day in case you wish to share or some questions about your process did rise.

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About Deva Laya Guleng

Deva Laya is an international TRE® Certificaion Trainer since 2011. Deva Laya is today working both as supervisor and Mentor for TRE® Provider Trainees and TRE® Certification Trainer trainees as well as giving own trainings and individual sessions. She is highly engaged i the international organisation, both with developing structured support-documents as well as supporting starting TRE® in new countries.