Online TRE® tremoring session 60 min


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Are you already practicing TRE® and are seeking support in your process? Book a 60 min TRE® online session to safely explore and deepen the practise.

This is a follow up TRE® session for someone already learnt TRE® and  that have a wish to be supported in their ongoing process.

Are you curious to learn how to use TRE® as a tool to reduce stress & tension?
Have you wished for a tool to support your long-term wellbeing and to achieve a greater resilience?

Learn how to do TRE® in a safely contained session, where focus will be on understanding your own  bodys unique response in the process, and how to self-regulate to support a grounded practice once you are on your own.

In your first session you’re guided through the TRE® exercises with personal adjustments.

It is recommended to have 3-4 sessions to help establishing a good practise on your own.