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Program Requirements

To become a Certified TRE® Provider, you’ll need to attend six mandatory training days (divided into two or three modules) as well as being supervised throughout your process, read required literature and follow up on required assignments.

You can always attend the first Module without any commitment to go through the certification process towards TRE® Provider. You have to follow the Global Certification process to be able to teach TRE® further to individuals and small groups. Required supervision session between Module I and Module II as well as after Modul II before certification can be completed. The process is completed between 12-18 months from start of Module I.

Program Overview
Program Details
Estimated costs

The process is divided into the following parts;

  1. Attend in-person training workshop
    • 6 mandatory education days in two versions.
      You follow one of the two models.
      1. Module I – 2 days followed by
        Module II – 2 days (2-4 months post MI)
        Module III – 2 days (3-5 months post MII)
      2. Module I – 3 days followed by
        Module II – 3 days (min 3 months – max 8 months after participation in MI)
  2. Personal TRE® process
    • Minimum four(4) personal sessions supervised by a TRE® CT (2 sessions completed before attending Module II)
    • Journaling of at least 40 personal TRE® experiences
  3. Learning TRE® template and teaching TRE®
    • Structured practice-teaching sessions with family/friends
    • Teach minimum four(4) individuals TRE® and be supervised by a TRE® Certification Trainer
    • Teach minimum four(4) groups TRE® and be supervised by a TRE® Certification Trainer
    • Final competency evaluation of a group TRE® instruction (Final assessment)
  4. Deepen knowledge and theory of TRE®
    • Read/watch required books/media and prepare short analysis

The TRE® Certification training program allows individuals who come from a variety of professional and education backgrounds to learn to teach TRE® safely and effectively. Our multi-track certification program allows individuals from a variety of professional and personal backgrounds to become competent and professional certified teachers of the TRE® process.

All individuals who are certified TRE® providers can choose to be listed www.traumaprevention.com and you should only receive TRE®guidance from these individuals. Hopefully, this will provide an element of safety and comfort for those who are looking for certified and qualified providers from which to learn TRE®.

Module 1 will include:

  • Anatomy, neurology and physiology of stress and trauma as it relates to TRE®
  • Understanding of the tremor response
  • Introduction to the Polyvagal theory
  • Defense reactions as they relate to TRE®
  • Containment and grounding strategies
  • Introduction to basic skills of working with individuals and groups
  • Introduction to TRE® and personal tremoring experience

Module 2 & 3 will include:

  • Deepening of module 1 content
  • Debrief of practice-teaching experiences
  • Review of the “Areas of Awareness in the Practice of TRE®” paper
  • Role of fascia in TRE®
  • TRE® basic interventions (touch and non-touch energy expanding interventions)
  • TRE® modifications
  • Working within your scope of practice, knowledge, and competency
  • Ethical awareness
  • Introduction to leading others through the TRE® process

Following module 2 & 3 and prior to final certification the trainee will:

  • Teach min. 4 individuals TRE® and receive feedback from a Certification Trainer
  • Teach min. 4 groups of people TRE® and receive feedback from a Certification Trainer
    • The size and the make-up of the group will be determined by the trainee and the Certification Trainer
  • Integrate the learning from one teaching experience prior to proceeding to the next teaching experience
  • Demonstrate competency in all the identified areas

Assessment for Certification:

The Certification Trainer will determine the process used for assessing trainee competency.  Trainees will be informed of this assessment process in the information package that will be provided prior to certification training registration.

All prices are approx. and could be individually adjusted

  • Module I 2-day training           € 325
  • Module II 2 x 2-day training          € 325 per part
  • Required literature/media approx.      € 150
    (less if you are lending literature)
  • Individual sessions
    (1 x 90 min 3 x 70 min @ €95)           € 380
  • Supervised leading 1:1 session (1,5hr x 4 @ € 125)     € 500
  • Supervised leading group (2 hrs x 4 @ € 150)              € 600
  • Final competency evaluation  (2,5- 3 hrs)   € 180
  • Registration fee $35 TRE® Enrollmentsystem
  • Web listing fee $75 (optional)
  • Total estimated cost approx. € 2700 
    Trainees living in development countries or in eastern European countries are entitled to a reduced certification cost. This will be shared to participants in Module 1.

Costs are calculated based on minimum requirement in the certification process. Additional sessions might be required by your supervisor depending of your development of competency. 

You can participate in Module I before you decide if you wish to complete the certification program. Once you have decided, you will get the option to pay complete payment as a one off payment, or 2 different options as a payment plan.