Once a TRE® Provider is certified, this is only the beginning of the journey. I like to give it the metaphor of taking a drivers license. The certification process is teaching the basic knowledge that is as taking driving lessons. Once you have your drivers license, you still need to practice, meet challenges along the way, and might even get into paths that was not covered in the basic training. We always encourage TRE® Providers to stay updated and seek support when needed.

Deva Laya is an experienced TRE® Trainer, giving online supervision in TRE® since 2011.

As a certified TRE® Provider you are welcome to seek supervision to develop more profoundly into your role. It can be for general difficulties you are facing giving TRE® sessions, it can be related to case-specific issues, it can be helping you sort out Counter-transference/Transference issues, or just a short session holding space for you in your own TRE®-session.

Please contact me if you have any questions around the post-supervision sessions.