Learning TRE® Online

Understanding the neuro-biology and neuro-physiology behind the TRE® process is a great support when you are new to TRE®. This online exploration workshop is intended for people early in their tremoring process, and for people that have been tremoring for a while without having support from a Certified TRE® Provider.

You will be safely guided through the TRE® process, moving through the exercises as well as the tremoring response with a focus on embodiment and self-regulation, supporting the awareness of enhancing your body’s natural healing intelligence.

Through this workshop you will get the understanding of how the tremors are the central nervous system’s innate way of discharging excessive tension, through the rapid muscle contraction and relaxation to calm the body down from an over-excited adrenal state, as well as how it will support you to release daily stress and support building up your resilience.

These Online Exploration Workshops at TRE® Online are taught as 3 hour workshops and 6 hour workshops (the latter includes a longer break in the middle of the day). The 6-hour workshop might be a good opportunity to get a deeper understanding and support in the process, and may be suitable for people wishing to explore more layers before deciding if the TRE® Certification is the right path.


3 hour workshop € 65
6 hour workshop € 120

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