Happy Customers

Some of the feedback we have received through our work!

Laila Atmane


Agility Coach

Deva Laya is very knowledgeable and experienced TRE® trainer. Not only that. She is engaging and has incredible energy, presence and depth when she teaches, that goes beyond the theory and material. I appreciated all the real life examples and experiences that Deva Laya shared, connected to TRE®. In the guided TRE® practice sessions, as part of Module I of the TRE® certification process, I got some great guidance and suggested modifications that suited where my body was at. I’m looking forward to continuing the TRE® certification journey and going deeper, with the support of Deva Laya


Module 1 participant

Deva Laya provided us a very safe environment to experience the sessions. I can’t imagine being in better hands, especially while participating in online training. She is a very engaged presenter and made sure we were not overwhelmed with the training material. Her personal experience and stories were a great addition and allowed us to be prepared for various situations in future sessions.

Lennie Van Proeyen


Deva Laya is very friendly, calm and grateful teacher. She provides a professional and scientific context with many practical examples. This ensures that everything is better integrated and implemented. Deva Laya tries to make everything as interactive as possible. A nice variability in online teaching. Always open for questions and and still on schedule. Nice and peaceful way of online course.

Janine Rulkens
The Netherlands

Gestalttherapist/Child psychologist

Working with Deva Laya has been a very pleasant experience from the start. Working with video sessions felt very natural right from the beginning. Deva Laya has the gift of creating a nurturing space for deep work, growing and personal development. The whole idea that she is not actually in the room disappears and working with video sessions was a great solution – traveling to Sweden for personal and supervision sessions was of course utterly out of the question. Her wise teachings and presence still resonate in my work as a TRE® provider and therapist.

Gabriela Dinescu

Lithuania / Romania


Due to working with you online, I got safe enough to work online with my own clients! Besides this big advantage and transformation for my own personal practice … I can say it was very easy to feel I have a real connection with you, to feel that I “know” you and I can trust you. And I would say these are due to the particular skills you developed for working in this environment and for your own determination to remove spacial limitations :))). One can feel you – yourself are feeling very safe and free in the online environment, and this definitely is transmitted to the client.
At the time we started I was pretty closed, in self defense. In spite of this, I was surprised to realize I felt even safer, knowing that I am alone in my own space and you are somewhere “on screen”, totally nonthreatening.
So the experience was surprisingly nice, safe, effective and bringing nice insights and transformations in my own personal AND professional life. I am really grateful I could have it!!

Sigrun Agusta


Complementary Therapist

Deva Laya has so much knowledge about the entire body (for.example the muscles, the brain, the nervous system) and she answered all the questions she was asked very well. I think she is very professional in this training and give great examples about how TRE have effected her live and others that she knows well.

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