all humans have an innate capacity to heal from traumatic experiences. We as a species are genetically encoded with the capacity to heal ourselves. If we did not possess this ability, our species would have become extinct shortly after we were born. Not only can we heal from traumatic experiences, but trauma itself has been part of the natural evolutionary process of our species, and all traumatised individuals have access to this natural healing method that is genetically encoded within them.

David Berceli

One of the foundation thoughts in TRE® is that the individual should be empowered in the process and learning to be able to work within their window of tolerance.

In many cases there are no Certified TRE® Providers nearby, or it feels safer in the process of learning to stay in one’s own home.

TRE® online is a website created to open up the growth of TRE® happening around the world.

If you’ve not yet learned TRE®, you can learn TRE® through a video-session in a safe, supportive and empowering way. The founder of the TRE® online website is a TRE® Certification Trainer since 2011, and has a profound experience working with TRE® video-sessions since the beginning of her Certification Trainer role.

There will be offered TRE® Online group sessions, where individuals already having a TRE® practice can participate from their living-room in joint shaking-sessions for exploration and sharing.

Certified TRE® Providers are welcome to book post-certification supervision, either to get support of own personal process, or to get support and advice in client cases.

Below is a great video-explanation on what TRE® is and does.

What is TRE® ?

The official TRE® FOR ALL video instruction for how to do the series of exercises.