Up until now, the Certification Process to become a Certified TRE® Provider is on-site training, with possibility to complete required supervision sessions as a part of the training process fully as online session.

As a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, TRE® for All are testing to move the certification process online. We are happy to be offering the Online Trainings here at TRE® Online. You’ll find program requirements here.

Are you already practicing TRE® and wish to become a certified TRE® Provider to teach TRE® to individuals and small groups?

To be certified as a TRE® Provider, you need to attend six mandatory training days (divided into two or three modules) as well as being supervised throughout your process, read required literature and follow up on required assignments.

You can always attend the first Module without any commitment to go through the certification process towards TRE® Provider. You have to follow the Global Certification process to be able to teach TRE® further to individuals and small groups. Required supervision session between Module I and Module II as well as after Modul II before certification can be completed. The process is completed between 12-18 months from start of Module I.

The TRE® Certification training program allows individuals who come from a variety of professional and education backgrounds to learn to teach TRE® safely and effectively. Our multi-track certification program allows individuals from a variety of professional and personal backgrounds to become competent and professional certified teachers of the TRE® process.

All individuals who are certified TRE® providers can be listed on www.traumaprevention.com and you should only receive TRE® guidance from these individuals. Hopefully, this will provide an element of safety and comfort for those who are looking for certified and qualified providers from which to learn TRE®.

Trainings in Europe given by OmniBalance is to be found under events or at www.omnibalance.co