Please download the camera setup guidelines to know beforehand where you will need to set up your camera for your TRE® practices during the training sessions.

Ensure you have enough space to place the camera within the distance that we can see your full body standing up in the prep. exercises as well as on the yoga mat during the practice of TRE®.


  • A yoga mat.
  • A device with a camera (preferably big screen if possible as you need to be able to follow the given presentation of the exercises online).
  • Wireless headphones might be helpful to use during the TRE® Practise if the sound /microphone on your device isn’t picking well up if you are far from the device during the practise (this is mandatory if you are in a group class). In private sessions we can try to do it without, however please have them available and easy to connect should it be necessary.
  • Reliable Internet access.
  • Pillows, cushions, blankets if needed whilst practising TRE®.
  • Ask someone you trust to be in the same house/apartment with you or right next door during the session and give their name and contact phone number on the consent form in case we need to have them assist you there in person. (this is rare that needed, so phone-number and name is most important in the intake form)
  • Lighting
    • It is important for our Training Team to be able to see you clearly, so please prepare for the room to have good lighting.
  • Dress code
    • Please wear loose/stretchy light coloured pants during each session as you might be doing the TRE® exercises including being in the butterfly position. (unfortunately we can not see you properly if dark coloured clothing).


We will be using a program called Zoom for the session/group. If you have not used Zoom for a meeting before there are several guidelines to watch online. Please make sure you download the client app from zoom, only authenticated users can join, and only through the application.

Thank you for your cooperation in the matter!